Dog Licensing

Please register your pet

Every dog over the age of three months must have a license by January 31st of every year. After that date, the price of a Hamilton County license doubles and the failure to obtain a license or the failure to display the license tag on the dog before the deadline can result in a citation with a payout amount of $130.

If a dog is found running at large off its property, without being under control of its owner or guardian, this too can result in a citation with a payout amount of $130. Likewise, dogs on their property, but not physically confined or under direct control of the owner or guardian, can result in a citation with the same $130 payout. Be sure your animal is officially registered within your county.

For Hamilton County pets, visit this page and click on the Dog License Application link to the left. Dog Licenses help the animal return to its home in the event it becomes separated from its owner. Without licensing fees, Animal Control could not exist, which would result in the indiscriminate breeding of animals running at large, no consequences for the inhumane treatment of confined animals, and public nuisances.