Surrender Prevention

Surrendering your pet to a shelter should always be a last resort!* Shelters are designed to house strays and lost animals. They are not the appropriate place to leave a family pet, hoping someone will adopt it.

Before taking your dog or cat to a shelter, please do all you can to find your pet a new home on your own! If you are considering giving up your pet because of the associated costs to feed or provide medical care, there is assistance available; contact Pets in Need of Greater Cincinnati at 513-761-PETS (7387). If the issue is about bad behavior, there are obedience classes to help resolve training problems. If you have an allergy to your cat, there is help.

*Please Note: If you do decide to surrender your pet to spca cincinnati, you will be charged a fee for each pet you surrender to us.


Steps You Should Take to Find Your Pet a New Home


  1. Distribute flyers about your pet in your immediate area. Someone in your neighborhood may want to adopt your pet and give it a good home.
  2. Place an ad in the newspaper or online.
  3. Check with your :
    • Family
    • Friends
    • Co-workers
    • Veterinary offices
    • Pet groomers
    • Pet boarding kennels
  4. If your pet is a specific breed, try contacting the local breed rescue group for assistance.