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Managed Admissions

SPCA Cincinnati is an open admissions facility that practices managed intake. We receive over 3,000 animals each year. Length of stay and available kennel space does not determine an animal’s outcome but does impact the quality of life for the animals we care for. We do our best to keep your pet happy and healthy if you choose to bring them here, but a shelter is a very stressful environment for animals which can lead to behavior deterioration and illness. We are calling on the citizens of Cincinnati to help us limit the number of animals surrendered into our shelters. We ask that you do everything in your power to find alternatives to surrendering your pet to us.

To better serve the pets in our community, the SPCA Cincinnati is updating the procedures for unwanted pets AND where pets should be taken.

Mirroring nationally recognized animal welfare industry procedures, on September 4, 2019, the SPCA Cincinnati began operating as a “Managed Admissions” facility. This program improves and streamlines the relinquishment process.

“Managed Admissions” is a ‘best practice’ in animal sheltering across the country. This approach will reinforce the SPCA Cincinnati’s mission to rescue, heal and advocate for our community's sick, injured, abused, and homeless animals. “Managed Admissions” requires appointments for owner turn-in to ensure proper time and resources for each pet. Managed Admissions places the best interest of both the owner & the pet at the forefront.

The SPCA Cincinnati will only admit owned/personal companion animals from Hamilton County Residents.

The Managed Admissions Specialist will focus on each pet’s specific needs to make an informed decision about each pet’s future. After contacting the Managed Admissions hotline, a one-on-one consultation will provide the options regarding the pet’s proper placement. Additionally, the SPCA Cincinnati will provide or give direction to, free & low-cost resources to maintain the care of pets at their home. This creates an ideal opportunity for the best possible pet care.

We Have Answers

We have answers for many of the reasons you may be thinking about rehoming your pet.  Whether you’re experiencing issues with housing, new family members, cat or dog behavior, or the high cost of veterinary bills, we are here to help.  Please call 513-541-6100, email or CLICK HERE for a list of resources SPCA Cincinnati can provide to you!

At SPCA Cincinnati, we want to see you and your pet stay together forever! We are here to provide you with resources for common pet surrender reasons.  Often, many issues you are facing with your pet have solvable answers with the right guidance.


Having trouble finding a rental due to your pet's breed? CLICK HERE FOR RENTALS WITHOUT BREED RESTRICTIONS

Are you having a baby? CLICK HERE FOR TRAINING TIPS

Are you or a family member allergic? CLICK HERE FOR TIPS TO COMBAT ALLERGIES

Is your cat not using the litterbox? CLICK HERE FOR TRAINING TIPS

Is your dog destructive? CLICK HERE FOR TRAINING TIPS

Does your dog bark too much? CLICK HERE FOR TRAINING TIPS

Does your dog escape the yard? CLICK HERE FOR TRAINING TIPS

Do you need financial assistance with veterinary costs? CLICK HERE FOR FINANCIAL AID INFORMATION and LOW-COST OPTIONS



Still Need to Rehome?

If rehoming your pet is your best option, we encourage you to contact the many limited admission (often referred to as “no-kill”) shelters and rescue groups around the greater Cincinnati area and statewide. We also encourage you to place your pet on the website. These other shelters and groups are often limited and they tend to prioritize and accept highly-adoptable animals, so if your pet meets their criteria, they may have space available once a foster home opens.  CLICK HERE FOR A LIST OF LOCAL LIMITED ADMISSION SHELTERS AND RESCUES. If you choose to rehome your pet on your own, please consider having him/her fixed before sending them to their new home.  This will drastically help cut down on the number of unwanted animals in our community and leave shelter space and homes open for the thousands of homeless pets we already have.  CLICK HERE FOR A LIST OF LOW-COST SPAY AND NEUTER CLINICS 

SPCA Cincinnati should be your LAST RESORT.  We are overwhelmed with animals and would like to reserve our limited space for truly homeless pets.  Try these options before coming to SPCA Cincinnati:

SPCA Cincinnati Managed Admissions Process:

  1. Contact SPCA Cincinnati to discuss your options and arrange a time to bring your animal to our Sharonville shelter: 513-541-6100 Ext. #2. You must have an appointment.
  2. Bring veterinary records including vaccines, rabies, and spay/neuter (your pet will be available for adoption much sooner if he/she is already neutered/spayed and will have a better chance of staying illness-free if he/she is up to date on vaccines) CLICK HERE FOR A LIST OF LOW-COST SPAY/NEUTER AND VACCINE CLINICS
  3. Bring your ID and the cost of fees.


$25 for previously altered animals surrendered from Hamilton County

$50 for non-altered animals surrendered from Hamilton County


Why pay fees? When you surrender a pet to SPCA Cincinnati, you are asking us to take on the responsibility of caring for your pet until he/she finds a new home. This responsibility includes a financial burden for care, food, and veterinary services.  As a non-profit, our funds are limited to the donations we receive and your fees help us offset the expense of caring for your pet.

Due to our limited space, we do not accept animals from outside of Hamilton County. If you live outside of Hamilton County, please contact your local animal shelter.

  1. Be prepared to complete an animal profile about your pet so we can place your pet in the best home possible for his/her needs. These forms are here: Cat ProfileDog ProfileOther Animal Profile.
  2. Plan on the entire intake process taking between 30-40 minutes.
  3. Children are not allowed. This makes the process of surrendering harder on both the animals and the children. All good-byes should be done from home.  If you show up to your appointment with children, your appointment will be rescheduled.