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Founded in 1873, the SPCA Cincinnati has a long history of service to the Greater Cincinnati community. Originally founded as the Ohio Humane Society, it was the first organization of its kind in Ohio. In 1907, the name was changed to The Hamilton County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and is currently DBA as the SPCA Cincinnati.

The SPCA Cincinnati IS your hometown Humane Society, AND HAS BEEN SINCE 1873. We are the problem solvers for everything animal-related from pet adoptions to vaccination clinics. We provide care for any animals that come to the shelter: food, medical needs, exercise, enrichment, and affection to get them ready to go to their new homes. We do all we can to support people so that pet surrender is a last resort, such as providing pet food donations for those under financial strain and behavioral training. We are the pet placement experts locally and across our nation. We partner with other “People” social service agencies to keep pets within their current homes and to improve their quality of life. We value innovative educational techniques to keep pets at home, to enrich shelter life, to promote humane treatment of all animals and prevent pet overpopulation.


The SPCA Cincinnati is an open admissions shelter for Hamilton County residents only. We also practice managed intake. Breed groups, rescues, and other organizations are welcome to participate as placement partners to help find homes for some harder-to-place animals. If interested, please call 513-541-6100.

More and more animals keep coming into our shelter and we would like to save more lives. Community education is a key component of our ongoing effort to save more lives.

  • 100% of adoptable dogs receive a rabies vaccination.
  • We are FLEA AND TICK FREE! 100% of dogs and cats receive flea/tick prevention.
  • 100% of adoptable dogs are on heartworm preventative medication.
  • We microchip every adopted animal for permanent identification.
  • We have dramatically increased the number of adoptions by reducing fees.
  • We collaborate with key local media outlets to focus attention on adopting shelter pets.
  • We provide dog training and an animal behavior hotline.
  • We encourage responsible pet ownership
  • We are involved in humane issues at the local, state, and national level.
  • We communicate with every adopter to ensure that health and behavior are sound
  • We dispatch our mobile adoption units to communities throughout the region to increase adoptions.