Simmonds Farm

SPCA Cincinnati Simmonds Farm Shelter Project: Update February 2017


When the Simmonds Family donated their 25-acre farm to SPCA Cincinnatithey believed in our mission and our legacy of sustainability with over 140 years of service to the community. SPCA Cincinnati’s vision is to build a new state-of-the-art animal shelter and humane education center.  Right next door is the Great Parks of Hamilton County’s Simmonds Family Dog Park - the largest dog park in Hamilton County.

Our vision is to collaborate and build a “destination” for not only animal rescue, but humane education – educating school children and youth and building a better future to stamp out the abuse and neglect that affects thousands of animals each year.  While we will continue our care for dogs and cats, we will answer the call for help from our equine friends, and other animals as well.

Our programs and services assist not just animals, but people as well. Because animals have the power to heal, we work with military vets, women affected by domestic violence, and the homeless. A woman living in an environment of domestic abuse will often not leave her situation because of a pet - SPCA Cincinnati will care for the animal while the woman transitions from her situation with professional help and their pet is returned whenever they are ready. We assisted with 15 domestic violence cases in 2015 alone.

Just think of it… Ohio’s finest animal shelter right here in our region, providing the best medical care, humane education programs, adoption outreach, and shelter these animals deserve.  It’s what our community deserves. It’s what our animals deserve. 

For more information, or ways you can help, please contact Mike Retzlaff at (513) 489-7390 or email at mretzlaff@spcacincinnati.org


History of the Farm

In 2009, the Simmonds family made a generous donation to SPCA Cincinnati. The Simmonds Farm dates back to 1825, and includes two barns, a farmhouse built in 1880, and several smaller outbuildings. The donation to SPCA Cincinnati also included 25 acres, most of which is surrounded by Great Parks of Hamilton County, situated on the Great Miami River.

SPCA Cincinnati's goal for Simmonds Farms is to create an educational experience that takes people back to a time when the family farm supplied the food needs for America. Examples of standard of care for animals in the early 20th century will be compared to modern day standards. The hands-on experience will be enjoyable as well as educational. Collaborating with the Great Parks of Hamilton County will make SPCA Cincinnati’s Simmonds Farm and the Great Parks of Hamilton County’s Simmonds Family Dog Park a great experience for young and old alike.