A Big Thank You to our Volunteers for helping with Breakthrough Cincinnati!

October 27, 2016

Thanks to the volunteers who helped with this wonderful day on October 22, 2016: Judy B, Melanie G., Larry K., Melissa S., Eric S. & staff member Carmen, as well as all of our volunteers who help make events like this possible.

We had an incredible day of learning and sharing with the kids from Breakthrough Cincinnati.They raised $300 to help our animals during the summer. I wanted them to meet some of the animals they helped to save, up close and in person. What could be better? We talk about academics all day long, but what we are learning is that our “emotional intelligence” can take us very far and helps to give us perspective. The kids were grateful, as were we, and we made many new friends. The relationship will continue, and they took away an understanding of the depth of their good deeds.