A Dog Named Strike

January 12, 2022


“Strike” was a stray dog brought into the Cincinnati Animal Cares Dog warden facility in really rough shape at the end of October 2021.


Because of the overcrowding at their facility & his extreme medical needs, it would have been difficult for them to give Strike all of the care he needed, so they reached out to us at the SPCA Cincinnati to see if we could take him once his 5-day stray hold was over.


We were happy to take on sweet Strike to see what we could do to fix him up. 


When Strike arrived, he was severely emaciated. His eyes were infected and soo painful that he could barely open them. He had severe bacterial and yeast skin and ear infections to the point where he had lost most of his hair and every inch of his body was an itchy miserable mess. Over the next several weeks, Strike was put on an extensive medical regimen - medication in his eyes and ears along with multiple oral medal medications, nutritional support, and medicated baths twice a week.


Soon he was feeling a little less miserable, We got to see him gain weight & grow hair. He was the sweetest boy for all of his treatments, and we all quickly fell in love with him. After 53 days in our care, a couple came in the day after Christmas and the now very handsome Strike caught their eye. They instantly fell in love with his goofy, snuggly personality and took him home that day.


Strike is a shining example of how the SPCA Cincinnatis Shelter2Shelter program helps to improve the lives of sick and injured animals. It allows the SPCA Cincinnati to work with shelters like Cincinnati Animal Cares to help create better outcomes for adoptable animals and the community.  


Hear and see more of this touching story by watching the video above.


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