A very "Happy Tail"! Brut, a senior dog, has been adopted.

March 31, 2017

Alecia sent us photos and a note about Brut, who she adopted almost a month ago:

"He's settled in wonderfully into his new life! He comes to work with me every single day, and hangs out in his own spot. We chill and watch TV and go for walks around town. We hit the McDonalds drive thru for ice cream cones and hamburgers, and picnic in the sun. Everyone LOVES him, and he LOVES everyone too!

It was a rough start - he was sick from an infection in his teeth when I got him. His teeth are in really bad shape - rotten, falling out, infected. We're on a pretty hefty dose of antibiotics to cure this and we have surgery scheduled to clean the teeth that haven't fallen out yet. 

He was quoted as being 10 years old but the vet at the VCA says he's closer to 12. He has a collapsed trachea, which makes it hard for him to breathe when he gets excited or run around, so we take it easy when we play. Vet says its normal for small dogs and little breeds, so we're taking it as it comes. Either way, I planned on giving him the best Golden Years a dog can have. He gets the front seat of my car (heated), the occasional plain hamburger and I let him stay up late on the weekends =)

He loves car rides. Loves them. Sticks his head out and sucks in all the fresh air! 

He is a pretty big fan of dressing appropriately for work every day; a polo shirt or a tie. He's deemed himself the "Walmart Greeter" of the office - every person that walks in gets a personal "Hello!" and a tail wag. Always happy to come to work! 

At home he's got super difficult separation issues with being crated and left alone. This is something we're working on and we've been doing better and better. When I took him to the vet initially, they mentioned his behavior being that of a dog that was abused, and they worried his attitude may not change. Yesterday was a follow up appointment and they remarked at how much improved he's been with the work we've done with trust and socialization. He's my little shadow, hanging out happy to do whatever I am doing along side me. 

There has never been a more affectionate, loyal, happy-go-lucky dog. I have never seen a dog so darn happy! I was worried that with his past (getting dumped off, left alone, very apparent abuse and violence) he would never break out of his shell. Turns out I got the pick of the litter that day. He lets anyone pick him up now, and he'll jump right into your lap and snooze while you work. He takes treats from people and he isn't aggressive. I am so lucky.  

Sending along my thanks, and a few pics of him. Feel free to print this out or pass it along. I want everyone there to know how well he's doing, and how appreciative I am. 

Thank you for giving me my Best Friend.