A wonderful note and photos from a happy adopter!

January 16, 2017

Greetings Cincinnati SPCA,

I would like to thank you for connecting me to my new dog friend Beauty.  I came to SPCA last November to look for a dog.  When I made eye contact with a big dog named Beauty I knew she was the one.  As I tell everyone, she really picked me.  Beauty was a German Shepherd mix with something else(big dog).  She has a great can-do attitude and gentle disposition.  Beauty enjoys going on long walks with us and then follows with a nice nap. She has responded well to training and seems to enjoy being with our family.  I tell Beauty everyday that we love her and how happy we are she came to us.  She may not understand the words, but seems to understand the heart and excitedly wags her tail.  I have included a few pictures of her.  

Thanks again for all your work caring and helping our animal friends find new homes and bringing a new joy of Beauty to us.