Halo's Incredible Video Journey: Part 1

April 26, 2016

Watch Halo's story - a courageous dog who was honored at the 2016 Fur Ball!

UPDATE: Halo has been adopted! After viewing this page, click here for the exciting update in Part 2 of this story...  

“Halo,” a Boxer mix, gets her name from the Halo Mandarin oranges that two of her rescuers love to eat. The quirky name fit her personality perfectly.

Halo arrived at spca cincinnati’s Northside facility on January 29, 2016. She was called in by a Good Samaritan as a stray animal in Westwood. Lt. Brandon Corcoran picked her up and brought her to the Northside clinic for Dr. Tamara Goforth to examine.

She had a fever and a deep laceration on her rear right pad - the poor girl’s foot was severely infected. Her weight was 42.1 pounds, much too little for her frame. She received a daily dose of antibiotics, a steroid injection for her fever, fluids, and a soak for her infected foot. Halo, with her sweet disposition, let us poke and prod her without any issue.

While she quickly gained 5.9 pounds the first week, Halo’s infected foot got worse before it got better. On February 2nd, the dead skin on her foot came off, leaving her tendons and bone exposed. Along with her antibiotics, they began bandaging her foot with honey, repeating this process every two to three days. Skin granulation quickly formed on her foot and she was beginning to look healthy by the middle of February.

Thanks to her rescuers Dr. Goforth, Dr. Eilers, Corrine, Brandon, Kim, Trey, Heather, Jessica, Brian, and Deshawnta, the skin on Halo's foot has almost fully grown back. Her weight is now 62 pounds and she has found her forever home! Stay tuned for further information about her adoption.