Ruie has been adopted!

September 1, 2017

We received this wonderful note (edited for content and space) from a woman named Judy the other day:

"I just wanted to let you and the others there at SPCA Cincinnati know that Ruie is an awesome dog!  I live in Indianapolis, so Ruie had a bit of a car ride, but she was excellent!  At home, she has amazed me!  She knows commands quite well - sit, shake, down, stop and, for the most part, stay!!!!   What a surprising sweet sweet girl.  Now that she trusts me, she has become a real love bug!  She actually got tired of staying up last night while I watched TV so she went into my bedroom and went to bed early.....on my side of the bed!  I just let her stay there and cuddled with her, which she loves!!  She walks on leash as if she has been professionally trained, looking up at me for direction, stopping when I say stop and give a slight tug on the leash!  I am absolutely in love with this girl!  I CANNOT believe that she sat in that shelter for over a year!!  She is perfect (except for the cat thing :-)  

Anyway, I wanted to let them know that Ruie is definitely in her forever home here.  She has already learned that treats are kept in the kitchen and she sits and takes them from my hand ever so gently! 

Thank you so much for this precious baby.  I am very thankful (I plan on making some sort of donation on-line.)  Thank you all very much.

Love on all of the other shelter dogs for me.  

Best regards,

Judy, Annie (beagle), and Ruie from Indianapolis