SPCA Cincinnati helping dogs displaced by Hurricane Matthew

October 11, 2016

(Video and details from this story have been provided by Local 12) Hundreds of dogs that would ordinarily be in shelters and adopted are without homes after Hurricane Matthew ravaged many areas in South Carolina.

Harold Dates, President and CEO of spca cincinnati, said, "They'll pick up 100 or maybe 150 dogs down there that have been displaced from shelters. These are dogs that would normally be available for adoption there but because of the flooding, the shelters have had to close down."

We stocked our Mobile Adoption Unit with food, water, and supplies and left bright and early Wednesday, October 12 morning for Pittsburgh to rescue dogs displaced by Hurricane Matthew. spca cincinnati is just one of many animal shelters from around the country that will pick up dogs in Pittsburgh. We will be bringing back between 15-20.

This isn't the first rescue for us. During Hurricane Katrina, a board member chartered a plane to go from Cincinnati to Louisiana. 155 dogs were brought from Louisiana and all of them found new homes in the Tri-State. These dogs from South Carolina will also get the care and love they deserve so they can find new homes here.

Dates said, "You have dogs that were down there down and out, so to speak. They were turned into a shelter. What's going to happen to them if everybody down there doesn't pitch in and help?"

Although the need calls for help with dog rescues, we've made arrangements for cats as well, just in case!

Click here for the story from Local 12.