Update on Our Animals

March 27, 2020

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Being unable to open our doors to the

public doesn't mean our work is done. 


Dear Friend of Animals,

We know how important it is to be assured that animals are being kept safe and cared for during this time. That's why we're sending you this message. The SPCA Cincinnati's doors are closed to the public but we are working hard behind these doors, caring for every single one of our shelter pets. We love them all and we're continuing to be there for them.

Along with providing food and medical care, we are still walking our dogs who are SO excited to get out in the warm spring sunshine, tails wagging so fast that it's a blur! We are snuggling and playing with our cats who need attention and love as much as they need treats and naps (just like the rest of us). Most of all, they are happy and will be cared for by the 
SPCA Cincinnati staff and volunteers until they can find a permanent home once this crisis is over. If you haven't already, check out the video above!

Keep an eye on your emails and this website, we'll be sending you more updates so you can be kept in the loop. Thank you. We absolutely couldn't do all of this without you. Your support is what is keeping us going. Stay in touch via our website and social media, we're always glad to see your comments and words of encouragement!


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Jake White

President & CEO